The last part to my Aussie adventure

At last I am getting the chance to do a full post and not just wack some photos of the (beautiful) snow on here. Before Christmas I had a temp part time job – which was more like full time working in a toy shop! I had fun, worked hard and on Christmas Eve I had my last day. Yay that was when I realised I had not told you all about the fantastic night out in Manchester I had with the Aussie crew.

I just quickly scanned back in my Blackberry to find the date the Aussie night was…So 10th December I rushed home from work, got changed and rushed back to town to jump on a train to Manchester. As always I stood up, why I do this ill never know.. I have some odd complex that if I have to walk too far down the isle of the train for a seat I may get stuck…I would not and it is so silly but I guess thats me.

I arrived in Manchester and went to find Gemma at the Nexus art cafe where we had a mug of green tea and worked out where Hula bar was and guess what. It was just round the corner from where we were- fantastic.

Hula Bar is situated in Manchester delightful Northern Quarter, why I had never been I will never know ! We sneaked in and headed towards the bar where Emma (one of the lovely 1000heads girls) came over to us and pointed out where the Aussie party was! I am so rubbish at walking into a bar when I am meant to be meeting people, so my usual tactic is to head to the bar, order a drinking and then slowly scan the room for who I am meeting ! Thanks to Emma I did not have to do this !

Lots of cocktails were drank, false lashes applied and lots of talk about how addicted we have all become to the yummy Aussie products ! Shots, cocktails and anything we wanted were being brought to the table every second by the lovely lifeguard Simon.

Leena the make up artists was applying eyelashes and touching up everyones make up during the night. I have never worn false eye lashes and now I am quite addicted to them.

The fab photographer Charles Turner snapped lots of photos of all the fun going on at Hula bar ! He even let me try out his fisy eye lens…which was fun and I now know I must buy one.

Some scrummy snacks were supplied by Walrus Restaurant which is the sister restaurant to Hula bar. The food was fantastic it is a must try next time you are in Manchester.

Gareth the spectacular magician wowed us away with some tricks.. I used to be such a magic geek when I was a kid so this was quite pleasing.

From talking to all the lovely girls at the Aussie night out I realised that one of the most popular products which we all liked was the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor ! I am such a big fan of this and have been before I became an Aussie Angel ( which I must say has been fantastic ).

I also noticed that the girls I spoke to were also very pleased with the newAussie Volume products. These are the ones I have been using since I spotted them on the shelf at ASDA and Boots! Being on special offer for two for £6.00 made them just a little more tempting too. They smell lovely as all Aussie products do but I also acutally find they give my hair volume which I can not say for all Volume products I have tried.

Lots of thanks and big hugs to everyone at Aussie and 1000Heads