Men on Monday . 2

Music: Adam Green – Buddy Bradley

I am a big fan of Adam Green and I am sure some of you are too.
I think this video by Dima Dubson is fab ! It is just so simple and yet delightfully pleasing!

Adam dances is such a cute and lovely way, Oh and don’t you just love the look that each person gives as he dances his way past and then some just do not even notice !
I think that the shots to him in the burger finish it off nicely !

For more work from Dima Dubson:

Fashion: Bow ties For Him…For Her !
I do like a boy in a bow tie
and I think I too am looking for the perfect bow tie now !

I found the evidence of bow ties looking just perfect over at a blog I have not seen before! You must check it out, lots of fantastic inspiration!

These two are from Vineyard Vines… I juse love them !

These are from American Apparel

Oh and just for the sake of having a funny and useful video: