A little pink

Hell0 everyone ! I have just got back from a week away in Southwold and had such a lovely time on the beach, reading books ohh and it was my birthday !

Here are some photos before I went away – they are from a day in Manchester

I think I wore mostly pink and grey. I am quite a fan of this colour combo, do you have a colour combo you find yourself wearing often !? I think another I really like is navy and red !

dress – H&M
tshirt – UO
coat – George
hairband – Newlook
scarf – Paris

A lovely walk through Platt Fields was just what I needed and I managed to get some delightful photos. As always they look a lot better when you click them to make the bigger !

This lovely fella was so curious and kepting inspecting me and my camera. After about five minutes he turned and realised that his three friends had got bored of waiting for him and swam off, he soon spotted them and with one last glance back towards me he was off to catch up with his friends !

Spring starting to peak through !

Now to catch up on your blogs and start with the plans I made whilst away for posts !