All the way from Australia…

As I am sure you all know…I really love getting things in the post:

hand written letters
lovely gifts

I also adore sending things to people just as much!

So before I went away I got something very delightful in the post from the lovely Thy Lady !

I will have to show you a close up of those lovely “my lists” books that Jennifer put together for me ! I shall be keeping the smallest one to fill with long term goals I think!

I have not stopped using the stamp pad since it came in the post, it is so very useful and I agree with Jennifer that everyone needs one ! It just makes your diary/journal/notebook/letters that bit more fun!

I am very excited to keep the candle and incense hearts for a rainy evening so I can open them and sit in bed reading a lovely magazine !

Oh and look at the lovely book of poems, I have popped it into my handbag so that I can start flicking through it next time I am on the train or bus!

If you have not had the chance to take a look at thy lady’s blog yet then I really do suggest you should. It is so very delightful, full of photos vintage, lace and pretty words !


A photo which I think sums up how lovely her blog is :

Thank you very much for the lovely post J 🙂 You really made my week!