I would quite like last weekend all over again!

At the moment my mind is in many places, thinking of many things and not coming up with any conclusions. I am not sure why this is or how I should go about sorting it out. Is it even something I can “sort out” ? Does it even need “sorting out“? Who knows….

I have a collection of pretty magazines sitting by the side of my bed, not being read because I just can’t focus my mind on the lovely photos or to read a full article…I have no idea why. I actually have the time to do such things but I just can’t seem to allow myself to do them. Again why, I am not sure.

The one book I am reading at the moment and seem to be able to cut off from the world when I do so is – Slash’s autobiography… it has a delightful gutter romanticism about it.. !

Saying that, I have sat on my bed each night ready to read with a cup of tea and it just has not worked I seem to sit there with the book at my feet and thats where it stays till it falls of my bed and wakes me up in the early hours ( its a pretty heavy book in many terms of the word ).

Russell Brand and Matt Morgan ( no – not the wrestler )viddycast – Why have I linked you to this? Well why the hell not…there is even a little peak at Slash so I guess it fits in !
Here is a song I did not think I would like but it seems to have found its way to my ipod ( due to the influence of Shell Zenner… music fans should check her blog )…go on then…Do it !

I hope everyone had/ is having a lovely weekend….