mini update May 12th

Hello all.. just a very quick post before bed.

There will be a few changes being made around here in PrettyGreenTea, the main one being photo sizes. For some time I have felt I needed to use something along the lines of Photobucket to upload my photos to Blogger rather than the usual Blogger uploader ( it just does not do anything for photos ). After seeing my blog on a much bigger screen than my home computer I realised really did need to make this change..What do you think? Is this size a lot better!?
This weekend I am looking forward to catching up on blogs… I have been busy at work and not had the chance to keep up to date with the blogging world !
Just throwing it out there but at myParcelDelivery (where I am doing my internship…as i just said duh ! ) there is the chance to win an iPod Touch …so erm…Get on to it !
Thank you to all my followers old and new !