The Vintage Carousel…

The Vintage Carousel



The girl in the photos is my sister Poppy.. she has a blog over here at Beauty will save the world.

Hello everyone !

Here are a few of the vintage items I have on my Etsy shop at the moment, I am almost finished with some cushion covers and other things I have made which I hope to put onto the shop in the next week or so.

I have also had a few emails sent to me via Flickr about selling some prints of my photos…there is not that many that I am personally pleased with but I do have a few that I really like so that may also be something I will think about doing !

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend..I am about to have a cup of herbal tea (Teapigs if you must know) and sort some things out and even read a little in my room! Acutally I doubt that will happen as my mind is running wild again and is filled with many thoughts which need to be put down on that I shall do !
Here is are two fashion based blogs I am into :
Style of a Fashionista – I really adore her delightful outfits and fab legs..I would like long legs one day! – she blogs here

Isquisofrenia – Fantastic outfits and rock and roll – She blogs here

Both of these girls are just wondrous and very pretty !