This is just Lovea

Well I really was treated this month by the lovely folks at ! This Lovea shampoo is just delightful, it smells like summer…summer holidays…summer away with friends! I found that when I was using this I actually could have been away anywhere in the world getting ready for a day of sightseeing, though when I opened my eyes I was in my little bathroom at home !
More lovely organic goodness – it even has anti ageing properties in it…and though this is not something which would make me buy a product I do know that it is likely to draw in a few lovely heads!
I found that this shampoo gave my hair loads of volume – this was the first thing I noticed once I had dryed my hair. It has also made my hair feel so much stronger than it was, I think at this time of year ( the random days of strong sun we have ) your hair can do with somehting to give it a bit of strength. It is just ideal really and proves that it really does help lifeless hair and adds an extra oooompf to anyones hair !

At £4.99 I think this is really worth it, once again it is a little more expensive than the usual, though I persoanlly do not mind paying that bit extra for somehting which I know will be worth it and has so much organic goodness in ! I will post some photos of my hair in the morning – I will obviously have used the shampoo in these photos !

I have one more exciting review for you on Sunday monring !
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blog in the morning over a lovely cup of PG Tips !