Caravan club !

This photos is from : Snailtrail !
Since blogging I have found ways of expressing my interests in ways which I may not have through university/studying and such ! Since reading blogs like Delightfully Tacky and Girl meets NYC oh, and of course, many many more, have made me realise that you must focus on what YOU want to do in life, YOUR dreams and goals and do them !! You must … and this is what I am going to do !
Thank you to all my readers and all of you with such lovely blogs !

First off = I have just got a job, which I love, so I can now start to save ( yes anything in life iyou need a little more for..that is just the way it is ) towards my plan/dream ! I am hoping that I wil save for a year maybe and pave the steps towards my dream.

I adore travel/photography/nature/people/life/music and a splash of fashion of course.. I hope to bring all of these into my “plan”

Ok, the dream, – I want to travel and see the world -this I shall do.

Since I was very young I have dreamed, yes dreamed of owning a delightful VW Camper Van, making it very pretty and seeing Europe and who knows where else in it ! So my first stage is to pick the mode of trasport I think will be most appropriate of course a VW Van is quite near the top but I will be looking at other options and I am open to ideas of course as to which will be the best for what I want to do..

My options so far :

VW Camper Van

Black taxi cab

Sooty and Co style camper van – A little bigger of course!

This is just part one of many posts, I hope to maybe to another in the morning, but now my mind is full of exciting thoughts and ideas which I need to get down onto paper and I am going to get my things ready for work !

I hope that this post will make a few of you a little excited as I am already !

Oh and thank you for the comments from some lovely readers saying they would like it if I posts bigger photos, I shall get onto this ! Oh and yes, I will start doing outfit posts again, I promise 🙂