A working girl in the city..

A little coffee break at works means that I have a little time to do a quick update. I have spent the past week sorting out the office I am working in, getting all the admin things in order and organised for when a new admin person joins. This has kept me very busy, as well as having many meetings (which always involve coffee – delightful ) and being appointed as a Creative Manager in charge of several units.

I took these photos the other day and uploaded them here, but I have just deleted one or two whilst writing this post and of course, I do not have them on the computer here to re up load ! I have been wearing my £2.50 Primark bracelet quite often, it is a clasp style bracelet with hearts on…whats not to like ! The dress code at my place of work is rather relaxed, I have taken a few photos of the outfits I have been wearing and will post them on here this weekend ! I did promise you outfit posts didn’t I ! However, now I am quite content and am settled into the job I am ready to become a little more creative with my work outfits. I want to be smart but casual , I am not a big fan of jeans so I tend to wear skirts and dresses which I feel come across smart/casual. Ok that turned into a little ramble and I must continue with work!

Hair flowers always go down quite well don’t they ! ?

A few points that I am trying to follow each day… drinking more water is a big one for me, I tend to drink way too much coffee, tea, green tea, lemongrass etc. So I really need to up my water intake !

Any tips on how to help your nails grow, or maybe keep them strong? Mine tend to get quite week as they grow, they don’t look very nice to be honest..I do nibble them a little if I get nervous so I guess I need to hold back on having a nibble and let them grow ! I think that if your nails look pretty then it really pulls a whole outfit together, it shows you look after yourself too ! So yes, pretty nails please !