How silly to NOT go to Glastonbury this year, please tell me why I did not ! I am looking forward to reading those blogs of lucky girls and boys who did decide to go to Glastonbury this year. It really is always the best week of the year, so many magical things happen there !

The first few photos are me at Glasto in 2007 and 2008 … and uploaded with Blogger.. The rest are also from 2007 and 2008 but I uploaded them with a new feature on Flickr which is just fab !

Just for those who are not sure ( I doubt there are many ) Glastonbury is a festival in the UK which happens once a year on Worthy Farm ! It is huge…and I mean huge, when i last went I stayed away from the main stages and made my way around the magical hidden areas of Glasto, I walked and walked, yet still did not see everything! Some of the things I saw can be seen here or over at my Flickr page !

The sunshine in 2008

Silent disco – 2008

The rain and mud in 2007

The new feautre to upload with Flickr: I love it…

Stone circle area

Beautiful artwork - 2


Sign post 4

Happy couple

Hadouken 2008

Glastonbury Festival mud

Oh how I love festivals.

You can see more of my Glastonbury photos over at my Flick page !