It is just devine for my feet to be able to wear converse to work, just devine I tell you. It’s nice to let my feet have a day or two of a very comfy shoe and a few days of sometimes, not always though, less comfy healed shoes or flats!

Photo of the day: 28/06/2010

As soon as I got home from work I was sitting in the garden, reading Grow Your Own Drugs and trying to find something I can make to help my hay fever go away … As soon as I have tried something out I shall let you know ! This book is just full of such fantastic advice on how to make your own ‘drugs’, I will post a few photos of the book later. You can find out how to help your eczema, tea to help your memory and so much more!

Oh by the way, it cost about £6.00 from The Works , which used to be Book Sale and that is what i still call it !