Photo of the day/ 29th May to 4th June

Here is a little catch up of the photos I did not get to post while I was away, I hope to be back on track with them later on tonight !

I really want to get hold of ‘127 film’ for this camera. I have not had any luck on ebay yet and have been to my local stores and the lovely camera shop in Southwold – with no luck. Do let me know if you spot any, my need for the film for this camera is getting quite bad, it was even in my dream the other night.






I hope everyone has had a lovely Monday back at work. I managed to get quite a few emails sent out, phoned the people/places I needed to on my phone list and also did some Davina work out DVD…which I must say is very good.. as always I shall keep you updated on this.

Music lovers should check out mflow – You can find out about new music, share what you love and also buy from your friends – meaning they get a little cash each time you do. I love it – You can see my mflow profile in one of the links on the left !