Too long a name for such a delightful product……

Kosmea make products for “all skin types” and not any for particular skin types ! They do this by layering different products a big bonus for this is that you do not need to change products as the seasons change ! Yay …lets hope it also lasts longer !

I seem to smell of a rose each morning when I go downstairs for my breakfast . I think this has a little something to do with Kosmea. Kosmea states that “Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum instantly ‘lifts’ dull and tired skin” – Each day I have been popping this cream onto my skin I have felt it soak straight into my skin .. and guess what my skin loves it and it stays soft and glowing for most of the day.
I tend to moisture my skin several times a day ( if I can be bothered ) as my skin drys up so quickly. But since I have been using this serum – sorry the name is way too long to type out again ( maybe that is it’s main downfall ) I have honestly noticed a difference – my skin is a lot less dry and a lot more soft.

Kosmea state that this product contains Myoxinol® which is “a complex of oligopeptides obtained from the seeds of hibiscus esculentus. Myoxinol® is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is a patented natural anti-ageing active” – Sounds interesting!

I shall keep you updated on how my skin carrys on with this serum ! Do not let me forget.

At £25.00 Eighth Natural Wonder is expensive, but I am someone who does tend to spend about this on a general moisturiser. I usually stick to Clarins or lately it has been Estee Lauder, however I have had a lot of loyalty with these products and know that they work well for my skin. I am unsure I would have picked this serum from the website as it is a steep price to pay out for something you are unsure about.
HOWEVER ! I have now tried this and I am very quickly becoming a little bit addicted and I can say that I think this is something I will be buying again once it runs out. The way I see it is this – If something works for your skin then stick with it… even if it means I have to cut back on something else – maybe miss out on buying a magazine I love the month that I buy this serum then so be it…I know that it will be worth it !

You can find out more about this fab serum here.

Oh and this is not tested on animals ! Yay !

I do hope that these reviews will be useful to some of you !

Maybe a little bit of book and fashion loving on Monday !