Aussie fun in Leeds .. !

A Girls Night In with Aussie at The Chambers Penthouse !

I had such fun in Leeds last week sipping cocktails all night ( each time you had finished a cocktail it was quickly replaced with a new one ) having my hair and make up done and there was even a stylist on hand to gives us the low down on what we should or maybe shouldn’t be wearing for our body types!


A little collection of photos above which sum up the fantastic night we had with the Aussie style team in Leeds !

As we got to the door of the Aussie apartment everyone seemed to stick to the walls to avoid knocking on the door, we were quite early you see ! However, Carla knocked on and in we went !

A fab veiw from the apartment ..!


There was a lovely little menu of cocktails on hand to us all night !

Here you can see the lovely Briony having her make up did by @cassiemake ! I think I shall still pretend that a life in law is quite like Ally Mcbeal even though Briony tells me it really aint !


I always enjoy having someone else do my make up for me, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had someone ready to do your make up each morning before heading of to work?! I am a little too lazy to put much time to doing it myself and find that my car mirror is usually the best place of quickly popping on a bit of khol liner and mascara ! So thanks for letting someone fix my face up for a night Aussie !


The delightful pearly Sinead showing of her brave crimp do, I think it looks really nice like this… would I give it a go.. well as I said before, if someone else was going to crimp my hair and pop it up neatly whilst I sip on cocktails then hell yes !!


Phoebe awaiting the results of her to be Cheryl Cole hair and looking rather pleased with the tips our lovely stylist was giving to her !


At each station, be it – hair, make up or style – a step by step guide was wrote down, just in case we had one cocktail too many and forgot !


Yummy snacks, drinks, chatting within the lovely bloggers, who a few I had met before and a couple I hadn’t, make up, fashion and hair … erm, yes the night was fantastic ! Once again the Aussie girls put on another perfect night of fun ! Thank you so much!

From left to right: LiloCatherine me: @prettygreenteaCarla PhoebeBriony Sinead

~ I had my hair done by the very pretty Amber – She gave me volume and curls !
~ Thank you to @cassiemakeup for giving everyone a lovely little coat of make up !
~ It was awesome to have a stylist on hand, ready to tell me to try and stop hiding myself less and I promise I am trying to put that into action!

Emma kept trying to take photos of me all night… I never used to mind having my photo taken but these days I am reall not into it. We decided that taking a photo of each other may make things easier, this is where the hiding comes in, if I am hiding behind my camera then all is delightful ! So here you go… the lovely Emma… I am sure you have heard me speak of her before as she organises the Aussie events and gave me so fab tips on where to go in Paris..!


Thank you to all the Aussie girls who always put on a fantastic party !