I Love-a review … see what I did there!?

Thank you to MyPure for another delightful product to review for you all!
Let me introduce you to :
Lovea : Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Lotion

Price: £6.99 – Do I think it is worth this price?! – Hell yes !


This very pretty bottle of body lotion contains the most beautiful smelling cream, it is very light cream and has been formulated for normal skin. My skin is not normal, it is very dry and sadly I did not feel that this did the full job of keeping my skin hydrated through the day. However I found my way around this by applying it three times a day, which due to the light weight bottle I could keep it tucked away in my bag whilst at work ! I found the cream made my skin ( the less dry areas ) very soft and of course made me smell quite nice. Though when trying to use it as a hand cream for my stupidly dry hands ( must.not.eat.egg ) it had no chance of helping me out with that !

Being the kind sister that I am, I let lil sis use the lotion too, she has more oily type skin and found this really good for her skin and is contemplating buying herself a bottle when pay day arrives ! Oh, and well done on the new job lil sis !
The other fab little thing about this bottle of Lovea is that it is all about the pump action! It keeps the bottle clean (twist the pump to the side and it locks into place ) You don’t make that school boy error of taking too much out of the bottle and it jus makes it simple and easy to use when at the gym ( I have not been to the gym with this bottle but it would be good there ) or after swimming ( this I have done and I can assure you it is staying in my work/swim bag as it is ideal ) !