I drink the same tea as Marie Antoinette..


The lovely Jennifer of Make Tea Not War sent me one of the most pretty films I have seen ! She sent it to be back in April for my birthday! But I have only just got round to showing you all now ! Silly me ! But thank you so much J, I adore the film!

I was watching the film for the second time the other day and was quickly reminded of the Jasmine tea balls I had in the kitchen. They are very pretty and taste stronly of jasmine.. I adore watching the expanding flower and snapped a few photos for you to enjoy too!

In the film they sip the same team as this, well I am pretty sure they do. I rushed down to pop the kettle on.. whilst I was watching the film! I purchased the tea when I was last in London. The Tea House in Covent Garden is always a must for me when I go to London, I stock up on all kinds of tea, last time I decided to try these tea balls and I totally forgot I had them untill I was watching Marie Antoinette!

Check out what happens when you pop a tea ball into a cup of hot water…


Here we go….

IMG_7707 IMG_7714IMG_7715IMG_7717IMG_7718IMG_7727

I must buy more to send to Jennifer.. !

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend..