Aussome Volume Tribe 22/July

I know, I know.. I am a bit late with this one, but I always like to have enough time on my hands to give you lots of info about my fun nights out with Aussie !
Of course like all Aussie parties there were cocktails, many cocktails and all the fun was had at Bluu Bar which is in Manchester’s Northern Quarter! Me and my friend Gemma made our way to Bluu bar and were greeted by the lovely girls from 1000heads and lots of bloggers!
The theme for the Aussome Volume party was a 60’s theme!
I was delighted to see lots of faces I knew as well as a few faces of bloggers I had not met before, but had seen their faces knocking about in blogging world.
The lovely Amber Rose was there to give a little 60’s kick to our hair and some little tips on how to DIY ( although I did not get chance to get mine done, but I didn’t mind as I was having fun talking to everyone anyway ) !
As well as giving everyone a little 60’s feel to their hair, Zara and Amber Rose showed us how to use heated rollers ( which I love but never give myself the time to use ). I will be trying their tips with my heated rollers soon!
There was a little sing song and a little dance, I didn’t sing.. If I have had enough cocktails I am usually quite happy to get up and sing along , however this time was not for me ! There was a lovely lady, who’s name has escaped me, if you know do tell me..who spent the evening singing all my fave songs.

There was a Tip Box to pop in any ideas or of course hair tips to go into a style bible. I wrote out a few and shared my love for the Aussie Volume Spray, which I am yet to tell you about ! I am quite excited to see what everyone else put into the box.


I had such a fantastic time once again and came away with another fab goodies bag, which I will of course let you have a sneaky peak in!
Hope your week is going well!