Middle of the week update and a glowing review !

Hello everyone, well it is the end of the middle day of the week, which is quite lovely as it means the weekend is a little closer. I don’t wish my weeks away, I don’t live for the weekend, but I do have lots to do and having that time this weekend will be very useful for me !
I stayed in Manchester from Sunday till today, meaning no train travel for a few days which was nice as well as not having to get up as early as I usually do ! I did miss having time to read my book on the train though, so I expect in the morning I shall start a new book on the train!
So, my biggest news of this week or maybe last week is that I joined the gym. I kid you not !
I had a fun weekend with a gym session and a Pilates session. I then of course went to Manchester and didn’t go to the gym till today, I had a personal training/plan session where I said what I wanted to focus on – weight loss management. I am not going to lie to you, it was totally worth it. I tried hard on Sunday when I went for an hour to the gym, it was a little boring and though I was tired I was not overly sweaty (yak, I dislike being sweat, but to loose weight you must) but I can assure you that I was today. I had a personal plan designed for me, whilst doing the plan as we went along. It is full of variety, the cross trainer, medicine balls, bike and not too long on anything, oh and did I mention I have come away from it very much a little wibble and wobble on my legs and arms. Very worth having a plan made if you do belong to the gym, I will be going again on Friday to try the plan on my own !


So as you can imagine I was delighted to get home and jump in the shower, and even more delighted to be dry and have a cup of tea in hand while smelling like Pannetone ! Maybe it is the vanilla I can smell but any time I catch the smell of my arms I just think of Pannetone, which is a yummy Italian fruity cake !

Evolve Mega Omega Body Cream is a simple delight and I think is a new favourite of mine, I think I will make an order for the 200ml bottle on Friday … (Friday is pay day). The 200ml bottle is priced at £11.99 ! I was also pleased that MyPure has sent me another fair trade product Evolve Eco are very keen on making sure they have a low carbon footprint and focus very much on fair trade!
Oh my, I think I have fallen in love with Evolve a little bit. I really am going to have to try more of their products. They have a wide range of products such as face creams, body wash and body scrub.
I took this from the website, they really do seem to be a very caring brand..which is always a bonus in my books ! : “The entire range is certified by Eco-Cert the French organic certifying body and also certified cruelty free by BUAV. The range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans who don’t mind using beeswax.”
Why am I buying myself a full size bottle of this…well I think it just fantastic and perfect for my dry skin! It really does help at giving even the most dry parts of my skin a lot of moisture and helps to sooth it !
The website states: Evolve Mega Omega Body Cream is packed with organic Inca Inchi Oil one of the richest sources of omega essential fatty acids. This body cream is a deeply moisturising and nourishing body cream that boosts skin elasticity and hydration.”
“Shea butter protects the skin from dehydration, restores skin suppleness and can improve the appearance of irritated dry skin. Almond peptides soften dry skin and lock in moisture for long lasting hydration.”