Hide the world from the humans and keep it safe!

These photos were taken on my last weekend away in Southwold. It was a lovely weekend, a little chilly but lovely weather even so ! There was one little thing that made me sad on this trip.

We took a walk down the North beach which a few years ago was quite stunning, however this time it was less pretty. There seemed to be plastic bags in the cliff side, which is being washed away very quickly and I expect quite a scary thing for the one little house which is situated right by the side of the cliff. Obviously back in the day it was much further in land, but the sea has been wearing away at these cliffs for many years now. So, back to my story, there seems to be a lot of rubbish and waste about. I was thinking that maybe at one point many moons ago it was a land fill.. or maybe it has all been washed in from the sea, though I am less sure of this. There was a lot of building material and metals washed up along the beach, which was not such a lovely sight and quite dangerous too.

It makes you think a lot when you see things like this. Humans seem to have to concern or awareness of what they are doing. We dump rubbish and waste into the sea . It’s not on, things need to change, people need to think !
All is not dull..