Bright colours and flares is what she wears!

I have had a little time to have a quick scan over some NYFW fun… I got that retro feeling as I sure you will when you see the photos of Marc Jacobs show, or if you were lucky enough to have been there then you will know what I am talking about ! I found some fab photos on The Guardian website as you will see below, do go and search out more, there is some fantastic Pucci style prints knocking about which I adore !

Frills, flowers, bows and killer heals…think BIG ! I know I will be. I think that is what sucked me right into the retro portal created by Marc Jacobs ! I want to make sure that I start making things again, I used to spend so much time making things and that is why I started my online shop The Vintage Carousel. I have made a few things to pop onto there but Marc Jacobs has given me the inspiration to stop focusing on other things and draw my attention to filling my shop with BIG flowers and bows – It gives me a good project to focus on for the year ahead!

Clutch bags all around, simple and chic. Start cutting down on what you take out in your bags !! Because these clutch bags wont hold much!

I have a lovely one I got from UO a few years ago, which I have not used in such a long time.. I am really feeling it now and hope it didn’t get lost along the university years! I also have a lovely read one in my shop, it is vintage and gives a black dress an exciting kick !

Oh, and of course a neck scarf will no doubt pull your outfit together.. and if you watch Mad Men I am sure you will already have known this ! – I have lots, during college I didn’t go a day without wearing a pretty little scarf.. it is less so now but I will have to start having a look at my collection soon! Do you ever wear a neck scarf ?!

Photographer: Emmanuel Dunand

Photographer – Peter Foley

Photographer: Emmanuel Dunand~

Photographer: Peter Foley/

All photos were from :The Guardian website
What did you think to the collection, what was your favourite, will you be wearing flares, straw hats or maybe even a neck scarf a day!? Or maybe what didn’t you like !? Let me know!