Lovea Bio Burkina Shea Nourishing Body Balm


Thank you to the fantastic team at MyPure for sending me this Lovea Bio Nourishing Body Balm !  It is ideal for dry/very dry skin and I can already say that after a week of using this my skin is feeling a lot softer and any dry patches are going ! I had cheese the other day I KNOW I KNOW, no way did I do such a thing. Well yes, I did and my arms obviously became sore along with my dainty / clumsy fingers. So I have been using this on my arms and I am really noticing a difference and it seems to be clearing up the cheese situation! It obviously does sting a little if you put it onto broken skin, it is to be expected though. It does not make my skin itch at all which I think is fab because if I use a cream with a beautiful smell it sometimes makes me itchy! Grrr….but once again Love Bio do good ! 

I pop it on once a day after my shower, maybe I should be doing it twice ! I am taking it with me on my trip to Italy so I will let you know how I get on with it ! 

It costs £6.49 for a pot full of creamy cream with a delightful sweet smell, though it is not too over powering!

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