What is in my bag..who gives a shit !

So I have my Radley card purse, Paul Theroux ‘Ghost Train To The Eastern Star’, Dodo Diary, Miu Miu glasses, Hemp hand cream, Rimmel blush and lipstick, hair brush ( a new item to enter my bag), work keys and of course… my brolly !

There is also my train tickets too which I keep in this pretty Cath Kidston holder !

There is lots more rubbish usually in my bag…but these are what has been in it each day this week. My BB and iPod are both on charge so they didn’t get the chance to be in the photo. I also keep a variety of inhalers, a base coat nail polish and my lunch. I do plan to do more of these kinds of posts though as I change my bag quite often and the things that go inside it..Im not sure anyone is interested but I know I like a sneaky peak into other peoples bags!

Anyway, this is what it all went into today : Topshop handbag ..

I had a collection of photos to show you…but sadly in a mad rush of putting photos onto work computers and such my personal ones got lost along the way. I really wasn’t happy to find this out last night, but oh well, I will make sure I take more for you !

I have a busy day at work on the morrow, a project is nearing the end as well as it being the last day of some lovely people in the office. I will be sad to see them go.. however it wont be long till I will be leaving either…eeeek ! But it will open new doors and experiences..!

Sneaky peak at one of many make up based items I got last week:


I hope everyone is well and keeping warm in this very cold weather !