My face in a bag…

A little look into my make up bag.. well for this week anyway. It is always changing and I usually just wear eye liner and blush but i am trying out a few more things at the moment !
So you can see the neapolitan ice cream thing going on with the Rimmel blusher, the light pinky shades are long gone and we have a darker shade which has been left. I am trying to use this now before i bin it and move onto a Too Face blusher i have had for a while ( which also is not not pink … I am trying to move away from comfort zones).
 The Carmex is something which is always in my makeup bag, or just knocking about my bag if I am honest. I did try the newish mint Carmex but I really was not keen on it, not for me anyway, the mint seemed to irritate my skin a little. 
The purple Mac liptstick  is something i have been using more over the past few weeks. It is so bright i just put it on once in the morning and it pretty much lasts all day ! I am way too lazy to keep applying it !
I got the Alva foundation from Mypure, it is a powder and very light with a little shimmer to it, perfect for what I want really ! However, I have only used it once I will be updating you on this next week!
You can also see the Inika Kabuki brush  which Mypure sent me a while back. This is fab for getting a nice even amount of powder over your face !
You will also be able to spot my while Rimmel eyeliner which I used each morning in the corner of my eyes.. it makes your eyes look a lot more awake than they really are ! 
Finally there is my good old Lancome Khol liner which I have been buying for many years now !
Oh, I have no idea where this makeup bag is from but of course you can find lovely makeup bags everywhere:
Freefall: £14.99

Today I have mostly been hunting for apartments, booking viewings, hunting for a second job and taking lots of things to the charity shop. A hell of a lot of hunting … ! Hope you have all had a lovely Friday and are ready for a fun weekend. i personally can’t wait to move back to Manc.. I am craving whiskey in Big Hands.