Reading on a Sunday…

I haven’t had much extra cash to spend on magazines the past month or so. This is mainly because i haven’t had a pay since before Christmas. So having Dazed and Confused arrive at my door each month is quite pleasing. This means I am still getting my magazine fix without having to spend money I really really don’t have. The only problem I am facing is that I haven’t had any time to read them. This may sound silly, how can you not find time to read a magazine?! When I read a magazine/book/blog anything actually I always have my notebook by me so I can make notes of any music, films, artists or many other things I want to research more or check out. It can sometimes be a bit of an annoying habit, but one I can’t change really.

I am hoping to find some time this week (on trains) to read some magazines and finish the current book i am reading. Most of my reading is done on the train, in a coffee shop or sometimes in bed.

Where do you read most?
What are you reading at the moment ?


Sunday round up: A few little things…

 My mind is buzzing with ideas about some of the new projects I have going on at the moment.
I am following the story of Strange paul and simply can’t wait for another update.. he is so very cute.
Last night while researching festivals for the new project, I watched Wall-e with my dad. My friend A at work gave me it to watch as he was so shocked that I hadn’t seen it. Now i have seen it I can totally understand his shock. i will of course be watching it again before i return it to him … (this means i shall be putting it on again this evening). He is a very cute robot with a personality..