A little Botanics review for you…

Hi everyone ! This is a little review on the Botanics face creams. I have been using them for a few months, I think they were on offer or something ! This is the one I have just finished using, it is for normal to dry skin, I had to put two layers of it on in the evening as my skin has been very dry because of this silly weather. But other than having to apply it a few times it was very good, it didn’t annoy my skin or make it any more sore than it usually is ! I would suggest that this one was for more the normal than the dry skin.¬†

I am now using this one for sensitive skin, my mum got me this one for Christmas. It is so much thicker and heavier than the one above. So for those of you with dry (and sensitive) skin this one is a must must buy ! I just apply it once in the evening and maybe a little extra before bed so my skin can let it do some magic at night. I also use it in the morning and apply it before a little make up ! It of course will be too heavy for those of you with delightfully perfect skin and if you have oily skin I wouldn’t say that this one is for you !
You can buy the Botanics range from Boots, there is usually an offer on, if not it is not a high end priced product ! Just had a quick look at the website and it is all on 3 for 2 !
Did everyone have a lovely day today? I went to work and was working on my health based project which is very exciting, it is just getting started but I can already tell it’s going to be very interesting. I then met my friend for a meeting about our new company¬†!