Mixing it up on the 1st of Feb…

Both photos are from my trip to Italy..


I have been wearing this coat most days over winter, it is still winter and I need a little change I think. It is really warm as it has wool in (and many Topshop coats don’t usually) so I am going to need something that will do as well as this one has been doing. I still want to wear it, I just need to mix it up a little. I really fancy a cape..


I am also contemplating a bike for when I move back to the city, just something simple and old like the one above. My bike is down in Southwold and I don’t think I will be able to bring it back up North any time soon. I would really like a pretty bike with a basket, they all seem to be around the £500 mark though, and I can’t really be affording that at the moment. Oh and I am sure here it would get stolen, or smashed up .. 
Back to work now..have a lovely day!