Friday feeling…

All I really want to do on this rainy Friday morning is stay in, drink tea and find lots of lovely new blogs to read. I should be so lucky.. I will soon be finding some kind of hat to try and protect my hair from this wind and rain that awaits me outside. 
Last night i made my dad and I a cup of T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea which was sent to be by Jennifer from Make Tea Not War. It is really one of the most lovely I have tried, and I have tested out a lot of tea. She also put some Oolong tea in the package she sent to me, I shall look forward to trying this tonight. 

I am someone who finds it hard to relax, to turn my mind off from whatever it is that needs to be done. I like to always be busy and am always making a to do list or filling out my diary for the week to come. I do manage to turn my mind off a little when I am reading, but even then, it must only be from small matters that I can fully concentrate.. when i feel like this I take full advantage of it.
The second way I manage to cut off is by blogging. Reading blogs, writing this blog and finding new blogs. I don’t feel like I am wasting time when I am doing this as I always find out about something new or something to share with my readers. 

Last night while trying out the lemongrass and Ginger tea I spent some time reading a blog I really like.. Does anyone remember Mary from Hail Mary… well this is her new blog.. :
Always Something … I shall leave it to you to go and take a look at the lovely photos, delightful words and the motivation her blog gives me to GET UP AND DO SOMETHING OR EVEN MAYBE, JUST A LITTLE, MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN. 

When I get home tonight I would like to spend a little more time looking for some new blogs to follow,
watching Mad Men, 
and… dare I say it … 

Here is a little sneaky peak at what else Jennifer sent to me… Do many of you send letters around the world to friends or family !?

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday..