Where have I been ?!

Hello hello ! 
It has been a busy few days and I have had no time to blog, I have however made many blog related lists and mock up posts !

I was looking back at the past month and thinking about how fast it went. 
I watched Louis Theroux – head for the hills and I also watched an episode of Life. 


Happy New Year – It is the year of the Rabbit this year, which is also the year i was born in. This must mean it is going to be an awesome year … Yes?


A friend from work had a screening of a drama she has done, it was fab.

Today I went to view a flat, have been working on my health related project at work and now I am at home and looking forward to a night to myself. 
Something I have decided over the past few days is that I want to start watching more films, I have a pile of films on my shelf I still have not seen and a list in my diary that just keeps getting longer each day. 

What are the best films you have seen over the past few weeks?!