Mypure: Lovea Bio L’Argan

I am always telling you all how much I adore the brand Lovea Bio from the MyPure website. I have tested out many of their lovely products, today I am showing you this L’Argan oil. I picked this because I use Bio Oil, so I figured that this would be similar and give my skin lots of moisture. This is £7.99 and comes in a 125ml spray bottle which makes good for very easy application. This oil has a sweet smell which is lovely and also I should mention that this is not greasy.

The oil does a fantastic job of rehydrating my skin, I did find out however that I shouldn’t put it onto any parts of broken skin as it does make it sore. I have been using this most days, as soon as I get out the shower I towel dry and then apply some of this. I will be using this as well as my bio oil. I have been using Bio Oil to get rid of some scars on my legs and also to rehydrate my skin. The Lovea Oil is a very good contender to Bio Oil… !

What they say:  When applied to the skin Argan Oil increases elasticity, nourishes and helps normalise the skin. Argan Oil is a 100% natural skin food and regular use will keep your skin in tip top condition. Moroccan Argan Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and UV protector.