Lemony Cheesecake..

What I used to make this lemony cheesecake .. I googled how to make a cheesecake and took inspiration from a variety of places.. this is very easy :

200g of digestive biscuits… smash them up!!

200g butter – melt this and add to the biscuits when smashed.

Squeeze half a lemon/1 lemon or just a dash of lemon into the biscuit mix. Depends on how much you like lemon.

Place into a tin and make it nice and flat and evenly spread out and then pop it into the fridge.


Get your whisk at the ready !

200g of cream cheese
150g of thick double cream

Whisk it !

Squidge some lemon into the mix.. I used about 2 lemons and the rind of one.. why the rind? why the hell not !



Nearly there now !

Just add 75g of icing sugar… or there about !

In it goes…and whisk!

Remove biscuit base from the fridge…evenly spread the mixture onto the base.

Pop it back in the fridge for as long as you can wait ! 

When you simply can’t wait any longer take it out of the fridge, put the kettle on and have a slice of homemade lemony cheesecake and a cuppa good english tea.

I was tempted to make this look pretty….but I didn’t have much time as people were waiting to eat it. So it is here..a basic cheesecake that tasted very good !


Don’t forget ! You can adapt this to anyway you like…maybe you fancy¬†lemon and lime or orange. Do it and if you want to make a bigger size than I did then just double the ingredients.