Hats and hair bows…

These photos are from my phone…
A sneaky look at a vintage bow my sister gave me for Christmas. At the moment I am all about wearing hats, hairbands and bows. I have always been quite a fan of all these things actually, I am just making a bit more effort to wear something different on my head each day of the week.

I got this hat in the sale at UO just after Christmas.. here it is with a little snow on it. I also got a bowler hat which has gone down well with friends at work, however I haven’t really worn it in my town, I don’t think they are quite ready for the bowler hat yet.. 
I think that over the next few months we will be seeing and wearing a hell of a lot more upon ones head. I have already spotted some pretty hairbands in New Look and Next.
 I also quite like a scarf fashioned into a bow on the head ..