She dressed like an orange for the night..

An orange is the best kind of snack, at the moment anyway. It’s fancy bright colour makes me feel most happy and has made me realise that I need an orange coat, yes, a fun coloured jacket is what I am missing right now. 
This is what I have found over at ASOS – £75.00 – it is just what comes into mind when I look at the orange above and yes that orange makes me feel a need for the 60’s. Well, it was all about the bright colours wasn’t it?! I think this mac does it perfectly, bright and a little swinging 60’s… just what I need for these dull rainy days.. ! They have it in blue too, being a big fan of the colour blue means that I of course would like to click buy on that one.. but this year is all all about new things and I said an orange coat is what I need, so it is what I shall get. When payday arrives (I have not been paid since early December..not cool) I am thinking I will click buy. On the orange coat and not the blue, obviously.
This is sure to go with all my dresses and i am trying to think if I have some hats which will go nicely with it, maybe ill try the bowler hat.