Boxy bag from Next

A new everyday bag from Next. I spent about two weeks popping in and out of Next looking for an ideal bag and a hat. I picked this bag up each time but was not so sure about the pattern, in the end I went for it as it was a good boxy shape which is what I was needing. I purchased this bag with a voucher I was sent from Next as a thank you for taking part in a Christmas competition they did. I always pop into Next if I am in town as I really like the shoes they do and because of looking at the bags so much I have managed to make a little list of bags I really like. Do you ever go into Next ? I know a few people still feel it is all a little oldish in there, but they really have changed over the past few years and you can find some really lovely on trend bits. Oh and of course they have lovely adverts too. 
I have been finding that all the bags I own get heavy so quickly. It seems to be that they all sink down in the middle and all the weight adds up fast so I get a sore arm. So I have been looking for a box type bag with a nice sturdy shape. Some of you may call this kind of bag a satchel, which is what I would call it sometimes. But at the moment ‘a boxy kind of bag’ is what I have been looking for and have thankfully found. 
This bag is a medium size, it fits at most ( so that it only just closes ) – my diary, 2 purses, phone, book, lipstick, carmex, inhaler, ipod and train card holder. As you will see I didn’t have that much in it when I took these photos. I have always said that what is in my bag changes from day to day and I still stand by that. 
Bag: £26.00

This is what was in my bag at the moment I was taking these photos. Not so exciting as you can see, but all the things I generally need were knocking about in this pretty new bag.
It was my first day at my new (second) job today, I only did three hours but it went very fast and I really did enjoy it. Tomorrow I am at work (my other job) working on my Healthy Media project, I am looking forward to going in as I have a few ideas that i want to be researching.
I hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday.