500 days of summer…at last

I am a little late with this one, I have finally got around to watching 500 Days Of Summer. I expect most of you saw it ages ago, I did say I was a little late! I enjoyed this film, I really wasn’t sure what to expect as I had heard (read on other blogs) that the ending could have been better. I do kind of agree that there could have been such a different variety of endings, but there are so many cases where a boy or a girl is left with no real conclusion. I have seen it happen to a friend or two, they are madly in love, then it ends. Why does it end? they have no idea how or why but it has… and this is what happened in this lovely little film. It was very pretty of course and not a fairytale as they say themselves. Life is sadly not made of fairytale endings, a lot of people do find such an ending but it can usually take a while to get there. This film proves just that, but also shows that life goes on, no matter how much hurt or emptiness someone can leave you with there is still going to be someone else who will not give you that empty conclusion.

We all have expectations of how a situation is going to go, or the way we are daydreaming it in our head. What we will wear, say, do and how well it will all go. So I thought this part of the film was so perfect in capturing something so simple and common in our little minds.

 I enjoyed watching this and would suggest that if you are a fan of pretty indie things then pop to the video shop ( hehe old school I know ) download it off itunes or buy it for only a few pounds in Fopp and enjoy. 

This film made me long for the summer time, floral dresses, skipping through record shops and gazing into the eyes of your boy of the moment… Oh, and of course it made me want to run through Ikea and play house !

The other moment of the film I fell a little bit in love with is where he draws the city onto Summer’s arm, this made me want to have something similar inked onto my arm or maybe something someone special will doodle onto me.. 
Screen-caps by me… 

I hope that you got something from my little “review” or maybe it was a mini ramble.. 

Oh and please don’t ever leave someone without an ending, with no conclusion and no idea what the hell has happened !