Tea and cupcakes with friends..

Me and my friend D went for a pot of tea and cupcakes on Monday. We went to a new place in the NQ in Manchester. It was actually within Afflecks, on the first floor if you must know ! It is in a tiny little corner and this little corner is filled with pretty chocolates and yummy cakes. They also do many kinds of tea, coffee and milkshakes. 

You want to know what this place is called don’t you, well it is called The Cocoa Emporium and yes, you must go. I have been trying to make sure I try lots of new coffee shops and bars so that I can find out the best places to be in Manchester. The Cocoa Emporium is totally up there is my top 10 list of tea/coffee shops to visit in Manchester.  I think it is really good to make sure you try not to stick to the same places all the time, I know some people are creatures of comfort and have no interest in visiting a new coffee shop or even try out new drinks.. but I really think it is good to. You never know what you may come across and maybe you will find your new signature drink ! 
Sometimes having a pot of tea for two and cupcake with a friend can really turn your day or week around. It can give you inspiration and new ideas, have a giggle and give you some motivation which is sometimes needed.
The colourful cupcakes put a smile on my face, the colours were just delightful and also made me remember a dress I got from Moo in Manchester. As soon as I got home and was looking at my photos i went and got out this pretty dress, the colours are just perfect ! I am trying to keep an eye out for similar coloured dresses and shirts to add to my collection. As I have mentioned before, I am trying to wear more colourful clothes and as pastel colours are what I like I think I need to invest in more.


This dress also makes me daydream of summer, I can’t wait for it to arrive here in the UK ! There was a little sunshine today, it was nice and bright everywhere but of course still very cold. Having a colourful cupcake brightens up your day, see another good reason to pop for a quick tea and cupcake. The word cupcake has been said way too much, but it has to be so lets move on.. !

If you are going to worry about the cupcake and that it may make you a little chubby, well just pop to the gym in the evening, go for a swim, do a workout dvd (Jillian Michaels is fab). I try and do exercise three times a week if not more ( on good weeks ). My gym membership ended today actually, it came at the right time as I am moving away. So this means I need to replace my 3 usual gym sessions for next week. Maybe ill join a gym in the city or even go swimming. I haven’t decided yet. I fancy a little change so I am thinking of swimming and some exercises classes. At least it will mean I can still pop out for a cupcake with friends.

My friends cupcake was ginger and mine was a rose and pistachio one. It was very tasty, if you like rose and pistachio I am sure you will love this. It was kind of like eating rose petals, in a good way!

Oh, they also do gluten free ones !

So you know that pastel shades make me feel happy, crave summer and give me motivation. Does colour make a difference to your life, do some colours make you feel more happy or does it make no difference. Do you go for cups of tea and coffee with friends or would you rather go grab a gin and tonic in your fave bar ?!

Time for a cuppa tea…