Living Nature Mascara review..

Living Nature Thickening Mascara from Mypure in jet black : £13.99
When I read about this mascara being highly acclaimed in the 2010 and 2008 editions of the Green Beauty Bible I knew I had to try it.

It uses halloysite clay to thicken lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. 
Nice packaging reminding you to smile when you open it up, a nice little touch if you ask me. The tube also feels nice, I know that sounds odd but it is very softy and looks most pretty amongst my make-up bag goodies. I am quite a fan of good packing and I think they have done well with this Living Nature Mascara, they have kept it most simple but with some pretty little additions to the tube and the box. 

 Living Nature also do a conditioning mascara  which has Manuka Honey in it to keep lashes soft !

I have been using this for the past two weeks, popping it on each morning. I have one coat is good enough but if I have a little more time I do add a second coat after the first is dry. I have found a second coat really makes my eye lashes stand out and look lovely and thick, but I don’t have time to put two layers on every morning. One layer looks just fine to me, my eyes look awake, wide and my lashes appear thick. I was gland to find that my eyes were not irritated by this mascara at all. It feels very light all day and I am not craving to wash it off as soon as I am home. Some mascaras I end up trying to take off during the day if my eyelashes feel heavy and hard.. not a fan of this ! So it is really nice to use a light mascara which does a really good job lasting all day. 

At £13.99 I will most likely buy this mascara again, once it has run out of course. I like trying new a new mascara now and then, I usually have two on the go at once, not for any real reason though. I usually have a Lancome mascara and then try new ones whilst also using that. I haven’t used my Lancome mascara since I got this fab Living Nature one.