Goodbye winter…

Time to say goodbye to the winter coat.
We have been having lots of sunshine here in Manchester this week, today I don’t even have a coat on today…I know I know, crazy. So I am going to hang up my lovely brown winter coat with stag to match in the hope of not having to wear it for a while. However, we all know that it will no doubt be cold again  soon.. but it is nice to hope !!
Last Sunday I took advantage of this lovely weather ( another no coat day ) and decided to check out the local park in the new area I am living. Many say not to go in there alone and to not even look at it at night..  but it was a sunny sunday afternoon and i could see lots of families walking dogs and feeding the ducks. 
I took my camera with me and was really taken with puddles and reflections. I spent a good hour working on photos of reflections before meeting with my friend G and L to go for ice cream and drinks.

How have you all been?! I will have the internet back on Monday and I simply can’t wait !