Walking in the park and holding hands..

This is one more photo from my Sunday walk a few weeks back. It was a lovely sunny day and the puddles had fantastic reflections of the trees in the park. Now I think of it I should have taken this photo the other way round, but I didn’t, next time maybe !
I was flicking through some David Bailey photos today and I came across this fantastic reflection photo. This photo was taken in New York during 1962, I think that black and white always compliments reflections so very well and this photograph is just stunning. I am a big fan of black & white photographs, especially of people. I think they really do capture the person and their expressions and mood as opposed to colour photographs which capture everything around the person. 
I think my love of reflections has come from my grandma, she has done some really fab photographs at the seaside of her reflection over the pier, maybe I will try and get hold of them for you all to see.  
This has given me some inspiration to get out and about and do some more reflection photographs, this means Manchester will need a little rain please, but not too much !