Chash Tea : Tea Room

I can imagine old and new readers will both realise I like tea and it is not just green tea I like, there are many kinds of tea I will happily try and without doubt fall in love with. Here I have a new company for you, they supply the finest tea to those who love to drink the most beautiful tea from around the world. 
Chash Tea : A name derived from chashitsu which is Japanese for tea room. 
What they say “Chash has spent 2 years carefully selecting the very best loose leaf and flowering teas of the World. Our simple aim is to rediscover and showcase quality tea. We are passionate about putting fine tea into the British tea cup.”

Malawi White Tea: This tea is gown in the Shire Highlands of Malawi, this for a start makes the tea most exciting for me and it is also very rare. The leaves I am drinking have came from so far, from a country I have never been to, on a hill I will am unlikely to see. Yet here I am in Southwold, sipping tea from a place far away. It all feels a little special. When I had a little sniff of the tea in the packet it arrived in I could tell there was something sweet hiding inside. There is a very light caramel taste to Malawi tea, it is very warming and I think I will enjoy this on a rainy evening at home infront of the fire.


I must say that as I was typing this I had a sudden urge to go to Malawi and learn about their tea, how to find it, how to pick it and share it with others. I get all excited reading about companies like Chash Tea who have started their own adventure in supplying tea to others who love and appreciate tea. I would one day love to have my own tea company.