Lauren Dukoff photography

These black and white photos by Lauren Dukoff took me back to a time when I was only shooting in black and white as I felt it captured the messy nights and drunken gigs I used to go to. I also really enjoy analysing photos and spotting the interesting details that one may miss at a quick glance, like a reflection or an interesting shadow. I spend quite a bit of time ( maybe too much ) contemplating the origins of photos, this includes my own, thinking back and remembering the day or night in which the photo was taken, what happened before, and after the moments that followed after the shutter went down. 
Do you ever analyse photos?
 I have picked my favourite photos from Dukoff’s website to share with you, but you can go and see more of her work here. I can happily say that I am keen to start shooting in black and white again, the thought of experimenting with light and dark shades is making me quite giddy, I must go and start snapping away !