I can turn a blind eye if it is a Spotted Moth..

I really am not keen on moths, or butterflies and even ladybugs. I know, what is wrong with me, I usually hear people laughing as I dodge out of the way of one of these creatures, but what can I do, I will keep on trying to avoid them as I also try to condition myself day by day as I know it is silly to have such phobias. 
However, there is one moth that I can shield my eyes from a little, the dresses are too pretty to not visit at Spotted Moth. Here is a sneaky peek at some of the things I have my eye on over at Spotted Moth, you can find the links to each item in the titles. 

Pantomime Plié Dress


Patchwork Pastiche Dress


Confetti Dress in Black


Here is a lovely tote bag to go with these three dresses. 

Thunder in Our Hearts Tote Bag