The last photo..

This was one of the last photos I took at my house in Huddersfield. We have arrived safely in our new location and I am very excited to start this new chapter and take you all with me.

The sun has been shining all weekend and has been making me crave beautiful pastal shades. Lilac and soft pink have been appearing on my nails with a sudden slap of a dark blue which really didn’t feel right. I have got rid of all nail polishes which were becoming a little sticky (yes I found more of these) and separated the ones I am keeping to summer and winter shades.

Our removal vans didn’t arrive until today, we are now all unpacking and sorting out what we have and once again trying to make a selection of things to give to charity. Moving really makes you realise how many things you accmulate over the years, it makes you question how many of these things you really need and helps you to clear out and make your life a little less cluttered. I thought I had done this before I  got here, but being without my things for just a few days made me realise I still have too many things.

Did you all have a lovely weekend?