Health and exercise tips..

I am a little chubby right now.
So.. I have added skipping into my exercise routine (as of yesterday) 15 minutes of skipping twice a day, plus a run, swim or spinning class.

Let’s get skinny.


I have been away from my gym for a month and a half now, I have decided not to join the gym here but attend either spinning and/or yoga each week. I am up for trying out free versions of exercise and making use of things I have at home and of course the main thing, fresh air by the sea.

I did two sessions of skipping yesterday which I enjoyed doing but had little idea of how much energy it would pull out of me. The only issue which may arrise with skipping is shocking weather stopping you getting your skip on. The weather is awful this morning, wind and rain are flying around in full force. I have changed my morning skipping to a session of Kinect, you could always do an exercise video if you don’t have an Xbox.

My food healthy tip for today is to try having yoghurt and fruit for your breakfast, pop some granola on top and if you must have sugar then change it for honey. Honey is a natural sugar and is going to be lots better for you, you can also get Manuka honey which is fantastic and can help to protect you from getting a cold, bonus. 


I promise I don’t run in converse, not always anyway.  I took a few photos after the skipping while I was sitting outside with my glass of water. Oh, one more thing, drink water and lots of it. I am awful at drinking water and really have to push myself to do it, but I always see the benefits in my skin so it’s worth it.


Summary :

Add 15 minutes of skipping into your morning or after work routine (or both). If you don’t like skipping then just simply change it to doing star jumps or an exercise video.

Make sure you are doing something else besides the skipping. Running is a free easy way of doing exercise, fill your iPod (mp3) with a fantastic running playlist, decide which way you will go and set a stop watch on your phone. You can then monitor each day or every other day at how quick you do your planned route. It gives you lot’s of motivation when you realise you are getting quicker at the route and you will get quicker because your body will get used to run.

My final tip: Don’t do all this exercise and then eat rubbish. There is no need to go on a diet just change your diet for life, change it to a healthier one. Avoid refined sugars but don’t totally cut them out because that just wont work for those of you with a sweet tooth. For me it’s bread which makes me put weight on, so try to make sure I am having fruit, porridge and cereal (careful which you pick as most are full of sugar and artificial sugar which is even worse). Then if I am working I can have a sandwich without feeling guilty that I had two slices of delicious toast and marmite in the morning. Don’t think that I never have toast in the morning, I do but I  don’t do it all the time and this way I appreciate it more.

As I mentioned before, swap sugar in your coffee for honey.

Don’t forget to stretch !! 

Do any of you do skipping as part of your exercise for the day ?