Heart reflections..

It’s rare I will find something I like in Primark, others seem to find such lovely things but whenever I go it just doesn’t work. The Manchester store was always too busy, the one in Huddersfield was nice as it was less busy and usually quite tidy. I have found jewellery and the odd item of clothing before, they used to do really good dresses actually, a few years back (maybe 4 or 5.. didn’t realise it was that long ago) I used to buy quite a few dresses from Primark, almost every week actually. Now though I don’t see much I like, which is a shame but I would rather spend a little bit more and know that it is going to last a lot longer than a few washes. I do always pop in though if I am near one as you never know what you may find.
This bracelet was from Primark about two years ago, it is one which I get lots of comments on too. A simple clasp bracelet with coloured hearts can add a nice pop of colour to a simple outfit. I am on the hunt for some similar clasp bracelets, maybe I will pop into Primark when I am next in Norwich and see if they have anything like this one. One thing I must mention about this is that it does not turn me green when I wear it which I think is fantastic. I have purchased jewellery from Topshop and Urban Outfitters which has turned me green.. can’t say I am a fan of that. 
You know I love a good reflection.