Living Nature Soap Trio Review..

The first thing I will say about the Living Nature soap trio from Mypure is that it is an ideal gift for someone. You get three lovely soaps which smell beautiful and also contain no nasty chemicals.

IMG_2947 The pack contains the following three soaps:

Manuka Oil & Clay Soap 70g

I have been using this soap in the shower for around three weeks now, it is still going strong and has caused my skin to irritation at all. I am actually using it instead of shower gel at the moment. Manuka oil has good anti-bacterial qualities. This soap doesn’t have a strong smell but has a light lemony and fresh smell. 

Kumerahou & Cinnamon Soap 70g
This soap smells the strongest, cinnamon is a strong smell and also one of my favourite scents. It contains Kumerahou which is an orangic cleanser which contains natural foaming agents. This is the chosen hand soap at the moment, I find I am watching my hands a little too often as it smells so good. 

Manuka Honey & Calendula Petal Soap 70g
I bang on about Manuka honey all the time so you will now by now that it is very very good for you. It is very nourishing and moisturising wish means it will be perfect for use in the shower or as a hand soap. It also contains calendula petals which soothes and calms, this is another good reason it will be good for either a hand or shower soap. I think I will be using it as a hand soap as I sometimes get very sore hands if I end up using a soap full of nasty chemicals when I am out and about or if I slip up and have some cheese. I must say that I have been pretty good with the cheese situation lately…kind of. 


Price: £10.72

Value for money: Fantastic value for three orangic soaps which are kind to your skin and can be used as hand or shower soaps. 

Will I buy again: I will be making an order for another pack of these soaps and also some Lovea Bio cream. 

 I actually made an order from MyPure last week and got some Alva Naturkosmetik deodorants, Lovea Bio cream and some Biologika rose soap. This box of lovely products was for my mum and the cream was for me. My grandma tested out the cream the day it arrived (which I used and reviewed a while back and am now on my second pot) and has fallen in love with it. 
So in answers to ‘will I buy it again’ – Yes, I will be buying the Living Nature soap trio and Lovea Bio cream for my grandma. 

It seems I went a little link crazy and a gave you a bit of information overload.