Quote: Richard Branson

People will always try to talk you out of ideas and say: ‘It can’t be done’, but if you have faith in yourself you’ll find you can achieve almost anything. 
I am once again writing about Richard Branson, well I am actually just sharing yet another quotes from him with you. I find him very inspirational and have just got his ‘ Screw it let’s do it’ book today, so I will be ready that this evening and I am sure I will have lot’s more of information to share with you. It was a while back now that I read Business Stripped Bare, but I think back to it each day, my diary is full of quotes from it and I find myself recommending it to people every week. My friend just purchased a copy of Business Stripped Bare for his iPad, hopefully once he is down with it he will have enjoyed it and picked up many quotes and chunks of inspiration from it. 
The last thing I want to say about Business Stripped Bare is that it is that it is all about motivation, inspiration and life lessons. It is a book which everyone can take something away from and also pass on to others. Thanks for such a fantastic book Richard
I can’t wait to read Screw It Let’s Do It tonight, I have picked it up several times already but decided to focus on job applications now and then enjoy the book in the evening. 
Do any of you think you will read Business Stripped Bare