She felt most wise in her hat..

I am going to wear my new hat from H&M today. This morning I wrote the first draft of a cover letter for a job I really want, I am going to have a break from looking at it now and walk down to the beach. I will take my book but I don’t plan on staying long, it looks slightly cold outside. When I am back this afternoon I will do a second draft of my cover letter. I think it always helps to do a few drafts of a cover letter and look at it with fresh eyes as you can end up looking at it for too long in one sitting. This is the same for essays, I used make sure I was doing research in many different forms so I would not get bored. The internet is always a starting point, then books from the library, Youtube videos, podcasts and I nearly forgot journals. If you are heading off to university this year then make sure you do the same, information comes in so many different forms. Also, they say your first year of university doesn’t count…. act like it does it will help you in the long run.
Enjoy your Thursday.