The Radius challenge

MyPure challenged me to use the new Radius toothbrush for a week and then change back to my usual one. I will admit that after a few days my old toothbrush was already in the bin ( not my electric one however, but that is sitting to one side ) and I haven’t looked back since. I have been telling my friends and family all about how fantastic the Radius toothbrush is.

As soon as i opened it up me and my mum both thought it was most unusual, over sized and almost like a hair brush. How am I going to fit that in my mouth – I thought to myself . That’s what she said. 

Everything was ok and even with my stupidly small mouth (even mentioned by my dentist) I had no problems using the Radius toothbrush and was genuinely excited to brush my teeth each day after I had first used it. I really am not joking about that, I am still quite excited at the thought of brushing my teeth tonight. The Radius toothbrush makes your teeth feel very clean, almost squeaky. 

I usually think that brushing my teeth is one of the worst tasks of the day, I simply have never enjoyed those five minutes of brushing, spitting, no ! But now I can happily say I am ok with it, my unusual phobia ( my friend Gemma feels the same about teeth brushing ) has gone and I am very happy with the Radius brush
What is so special about these over sized toothbrushes I hear you hollah. I am going to take the list of the benefits that Radius state: 

1) Ergonomic handles are easy to grip and distribute pressure lightly and evenly over the gums. They also encourage brushing at the 45 degree angle recommended by dentists. 

2) Radius brushes have up to 300% more bristles than a regular toothbrush. 

3) The bristles are much softer & finer and they reach further down into the gap between the teeth & gums. 

4) The wide head brushes teeth and massages gums at the same time. 

5) Radius bristles do not absorb water and they last up to 3 times longer as a result. Radius brushes need to be replaced every 9 months instead of 3!

Even when buying a toothbrush from Mypure you can be sure it is not made of anything nasty. I bet you didn’t think a toothbrush could be made of something nasty… it can. As can toothpaste, I will show you the toothpaste I have been using for the past two years at the end of this review.


Price: 9.99
Worth the money: Totally ! 
Will I buy one again: Yes, when I need one next and I am thinking of buying some for my family. To find the toothbrush I have click here.


As toothpaste goes delightfully well with a toothbrush I wanted to show you the toothpaste I use. I stocked up a while back on Aloe Dent toothpaste because Holland and Barrett had their penny sale on ( buy one get one for a penny.. can’t go wrong ) I don’t normally buy the whitening one but there was only a few of the original left in stock so I got a few of both. I also buy the mouthwash when it’s on offer and I can say that it is fantastic and I hope to buy some more of it soon.

Price: Around £3.00

I always buy this toothpaste now, I know you can buy some for £1.00 but I personally would rather not use toothpaste which contains fluoride.

This is what Aloe Dent say:

Because AloeDent is drawn from nature you can be sure you are getting all the benefits of a toothpaste, but with natural ingredients that really work, every time you brush. Our toothpastes are totally SLS free and our mouthwash and breath freshening spray are also free from alcohol and saccharin.

Do you use a toothpaste which does not contain fluoride ?? 
What do you think of the Radius toothbrush ?