Watermelon heart..



This watermelon and wooden heart necklace were both £1.00 in the sale from Dorothy Perkins. You really can’t go wrong for £1.00, I only buy necklaces from high street shops if they are in the sale and this includes rings and bracelets. Sometimes you may like a necklace but not enough to be paying £10.00 or more for it, especially when there is the chance it may turn you green. Maybe you think I am a cheapskate.. well at least Im not green  ! 
I am all for spending more money on quality items of jewellery ( not while I don’t have a job however ) but you have to be careful on the high street as there is the green issue and the fact of cheap jewellery breaking easily.
I make lots of my own jewellery so this is another reason why I resent buying high street jewellery for full price. I would much rather spend an afternoon in vintage shops or car boot sales and then go to The Bead Shop ( when I was in Manchester, now I will have to make a stop at Hobby Craft or find a local shop ) and pick up some bits and bobs to fix together my own necklaces and rings. I haven’t made anything since I moved so writing this has give me some inspiration and I shall go and find my craft boxes… 
and with that she was gone. . .